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Top 10 Creative Outlets for Parents

Sep 28, 2021 10:30AM ● By Chris Jones



When was the last time you let yourself do something creative, artistic, and fun? Chances are you’re shuffling your child to classes that allow them to explore and develop their creative flair, but have you considered creative play for yourself?

Creative activities are significant for your mental health and provide an outlet for self-expression. Whether you’re a skilled creator or you can’t draw the proverbial stick figure, here are 10 creative outlets you can explore to tickle your creative fancy.



If there were ever a time to embrace dancing, it’s now. With TikTok turning every adult into an Ariana Grande backup dancer in the making, why not have some fun learning the hottest dances found on the platform? Not much of a TikToker? Then download the Just Dance Now app on your phone, stream it to your television, and do dance routines to your favorite modern and retro songs.



While most people are intimidated by writing, you don’t have to be one of those. Writing can be as simple as creating a morning journal entry before you begin the day, or recoding a gratitude journal before you go to bed. All it takes is a small, dedicated notebook and 15 to 20 minutes each day. Writing is fun and therapeutic and, who knows, you may spin out the next great American novel.



Whether belting out the lyrics to your favorite song in the shower or playing an instrument, music is fun and releases those much-needed endorphins that make you feel good. Perhaps you can take voice lessons or hire a private tutor for your instrument of choice. You can also check out videos on Skillshare, YouTube, or Masterclass to learn how to create music.


Furniture Restoration

Hit up your local secondhand store, thrift store, or even the Habitat for Humanity Restore and grab interesting pieces you can sand, paint, and repurpose in your home. Pinterest is chock full of boards to give you inspiration and ideas.


Home Decor

Get in touch with our inner HGTV decorator and find a room or space in your home to renovate. Get an app, like the Behr app, and choose paint color combinations that make your heart happy. Decide on a theme, choose your decorating style, and begin putting together your perfect room.


Landscape Design

If you get your joy and energy from soaking up the sun, this is for you. Spend an hour or two each day weeding and preparing a plot of ground to garden, mulching trees, and flowerbeds around the perimeter of your house or adding decorative landscaping stones and sculptures to your lawn.



If you love handwriting and love art, this combines the best of both. Calligraphy kits can be orchard at your local craft store, and you can watch tutorial videos on Udemy or YouTube, or seek classes through art studios or parks and rec.



Long gone are the days of your grandma‘s plain quilts with bland colors and patterns that you could drop pizza on and not notice. Today quilters are playing with fabrics, colors, and patterns that are fun and imaginative. If you want to see for yourself, use the hashtag #quiltspiration on Instagram to see. Visit a fabric store to get the tools and fabric you need, break out that sewing machine, and get to stitching!



Jigsaw puzzles have been a hobby for what seems like forever. All it takes is a table large enough to accommodate the full size of the completed puzzle and its pieces, and you’re in business. Grab a puzzle at your local department store that sparks your interest and then get to work. When you’re done, coat it with a layer of mod podge for framing or saving.



If you’re handy with wood and tools, woodworking is a great outlet. Whether you’re making home decor pieces, knick-knacks, clocks, or decorative pen shafts, woodworking is an art and a hobby. Some people do well sharing and selling their wares on sites like Etsy.



Well, there you have it, 10 great ways to get creative and outlet some of that work and parenting stress. What are some creative hobbies you have? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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