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Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep

Join us and other pregnant women as we explore all the ways in which you can prepare for your breastfeeding journey, before the arrival of your baby.

Breastfeeding is both an innate and learned skill for mom and baby. Establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship takes time, knowledge, and patience. Your breastfeeding journey can begin prior to the arrival of your baby - and this class is a great way to get started. This class will cover breastfeeding basics, proper latching, positioning, trouble shooting common issues, hand expression, transitioning to a bottle, how your partner can assist, what to know about tongue and lip ties, and so much more. Join us as you prepare for the arrival of your baby and meet other moms doing the exact same thing!

Date & Time

November 30, 2023

6:00PM - 8:00PM


Women and Infants Long-Term Development (WILD OT) - 1003 Mahone St., Fredericksburg, VA, 22401 1003 Mahone St. Fredericksburg 22401 VA US

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