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Ten Tips for To Beat Boredom

Jun 12, 2024 11:22AM ● By Caroline Murray

So, it was only the first day of summer vacation for her kids when my friend recently shared that her son was already whining “I’m bored!” As moms, we hear that phrase once or twice (or more!) throughout the summer. Even though school has barely let out, here are a few suggestions to beat boredom and reclaim your sanity.


1.       Stick to a schedule—Kids thrive on routine, so each evening, set a schedule for the following day with a few activities, which should include some chores, some time spent outdoors, and some downtime.

2.       Start a boredom jar—Place a list of suggestions of things to do in a jar and whenever your child comes to you with nothing to do, direct them to the jar. Have them come up with their own list of ideas to add to the jar for inspiration.

3.       Start a summer journal-Ask kids for their input on what they want to do over the summer, then have them write about their experiences in a summer journal.

4.       Stock up on supplies-We have an art bin in our home filled with a variety of paints, paper, and other materials and art supplies so the kids can use their imaginations, as well as a shelf full of plenty of card and board games.

5.       Go on a scavenger hunt-Kids can collect items in nature, whether it’s along a trail, at the playground, or in their own backyard, then use what they find for art projects, like painting rocks or making a bird feeder with peanut butter and pinecones.

6.       Get cooking-You can make edible playdoh for the younger ones or the older ones can research their own recipes online and experiment in the kitchen.

7.       Create a reader’s corner-Set up an indoor tent or have the kids cozy up on a blanket or in a hammock outside in the shade and get lost in a good book for a few hours.

8.       Squeeze in some physical activity-Crank up the music and throw a dance party, or grab a ball and head outside. Play kickball, catch or dodgeball or teach the kids some of the games of your childhood like tag and hide and seek.

9.       Go an adventure-Every now and then, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new, whether it is a new trail or park, a new restaurant, a new beach, or a new town.

10.   Volunteer together-One way to find meaning during the summer is to dedicate your time helping someone else. Older children can help neighbors in need with yardwork or errand running, while younger children can learn about giving back from a family volunteer activity, like picking up litter or helping out at an animal shelter.

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