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Ten Tips for Bike Safety in Honor of Bike Month

May 27, 2024 08:39AM ● By Brandy Centolanza

May is National Bike Month, the perfect opportunity for family fun while getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Here are the top ten tips for ensuring you have a safe bike ride:


1.       Choose the right size bike—If your bicycle is too big, it will be harder to control. You want the right fit for your height. The best way to determine if a bike is the right match for your child is to ensure that their inseam is as tall as the top of the bike’s frame.

2.       Choose the appropriate bike for road conditions—Different bikes are made for different types of terrain. Whether you are riding in the neighborhood, on a trail, a gravel road, or mountain biking, make sure you have the appropriate bike for the ride.

3.       Ensure the bike is in good condition-Make sure every part of the bicycle is in working order before you head out for a ride. Check the brakes are working, the chain is in place, and the tires aren’t flat before you go. Chains should be oiled on a yearly basis. Tighten seats, tires, and handlebars if necessary.

4.       Wear the right equipment-Don’t forget your helmet. It is also worth considering elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves, especially for young kids who are just learning to ride. You might want a bell for your bike to let others know you plan to pass, as well as bike reflectors, especially at night, so that others can see you on the road.

5.       Don’t forget about the right clothing- Be sure you are also wearing clothes in bright colors so drivers can easily spot you.  Make sure you also wear closed-toed shoes and your shoelaces are tied and pant legs are tucked in so they don’t get caught in the bike’s chain.

6.       Avoid sharing a bike-Only one rider per seat is recommended, and keep both hands on the handlebars, unless you are signaling for a turn. Share with children the dangers of horseplaying when riding a bike.

7.       Follow the rules of the road-Choose a bike path, if possible. If you must ride on the road, choose a route with a bike lane. Ride with the flow of traffic, not against it, and obey all stop signs and redlight signals.

8.       Pack your accessories safely-Consider adding a basket to the front of your bicycle to store items like your water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, bandages (just in case), keys, and cell phone, or wear a backpack or a bike jersey with pockets.

9.       Choose the right place and time for your ride-Plan your bike route before you go. Pick a time of day when it isn’t too hot or too dark. Make sure your route has the enough lighting and children aren’t riding on busy streets or need to cross busy intersections.

10.   Have fun while sticking together—Enjoy your time together as a family while on your bike ride and look out for each other. Don’t let anyone get too far ahead or too far behind. Take breaks if necessary. If older children want to venture out on a bike ride on their own with friends, teach them to stick together and help each other out if there is an accident.


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