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Decluttering the Kitchen!

Nov 07, 2023 10:26PM ● By Debra Caffrey

The kitchen can be a lot like a bedroom closet filled with “hopeful” clothing. Even though we may know deep down that we’re not using certain things, we hang onto them “just in case” we might someday. The reality is that to be a decent cook and provide good food to our household, we don’t need nearly as many tools and gadgets in the kitchen as the world tells us we do. Sure, some tools can be fun and useful, but whether you’re struggling for space or just questioning if you can be a little more streamlined in the kitchen, you can probably get rid of a bunch of unnecessary things. Being a bit more minimal as a cook can also help you feel less overwhelmed about the process itself, and who doesn’t want that? Here’s a few items worth questioning:

  • Veggie Chopper: Who could resist these popular gadgets at your neighbor’s party where you felt a little obligated to buy something so she could reap the rewards? You’re better off honing a few easy knife skills and just sticking with a good cutting board to chop and dice produce.

  • Bread Maker: These machines are huge! And they do churn out delicious bread. But you can save yourself the cost and space by finding a few decent bread recipes if you prefer to bake your own. Homemade breads are easy and usually require just a few staple ingredients.

  • Panini Press: Homemade paninis (ditto for grilled cheeses and quesadillas) are easy and fun meals to make, but you can achieve the same results on your regular griddle. For that pressed, flattened technique, simply place your heaviest skillet on top of the sandwich and press a little!

  • Too Many Knives: You might still have a huge knife block from your wedding registry or acquired more varieties of knives throughout the years for just the right job, but you really only need one good chef’s knife that acts as your “workhorse” and one long serrated one. Sure, if you are a more skilled chef you may prefer using a variety, but if not, you can streamline what you have.

  • Avocado Slicers, Strawberry Hullers, and Similar Gadgets: The same general rule in the kitchen can be applied to these fun gadgets. Unless you are truly using them daily (and you may with some!), the same results can be achieved with a good knife.

  • Stand Mixer: This might be a controversial one, but unless you are a serious and steady baker, you probably do not need this very pricey and huge appliance. For most recipes, a hand mixer truly works just fine!

Finally, it’s important to note that downsizing your kitchen is a highly personal process! If you really love your pineapple corer, keep it! Decluttering spaces is not about ridding of important and useful things just for the sake of it, but rather freeing space for what is a priority for you. Good luck!






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