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Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Jul 07, 2023 06:00AM ● By Lenora Kruk-Mullanaphy

Some people know what they want to do in life from a very early age, and for Sally Rhone-Kubarek, author and artist, that was 2 years old. The typical tools of a toddler—crayons and picture books—were her incentives. She began taking art courses as a child and eventually enrolled in the College of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. Her goal was to become a children’s book illustrator, but instead, she graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in advertising.

Rhone-Kubarek, of Fredericksburg, never lost her love of art and took numerous related courses and workshops through the years. She was accepted into a summer course called “The Illustration and Writing of Children’s Books.” Serious about writing and illustrating at this point, she wanted to learn more about her potential audience. She became an aide to a reading comprehension teacher, where she worked with first and second graders.

It was in between earning degrees, moving around the world, marriage and the summer workshop that she eventually managed to self-publish four children’s picture books, with “Mini Mysteries in the Middle” being her first. In “Mini Mysteries in the Middle,” which is ideal for children 4- to 8-year-olds, youngsters will enjoy reading about “unusual situations described in alliteration.” They’ll find out about Sarah, who scaled the scarecrow to scavenge the scarf and other scenarios. The book includes appealing illustrations of the characters.

“Mindelmo” is the story of a lonely young man who tries to leave the deep, damp, dark forest where he is confined. Even though he had a home in the trees, books, games and crops of mushrooms, he didn’t have anybody to share all of it with—not an owl or a rat. He searches the forest to find a way out, but it seems intent on keeping him there. The book is geared to ages 6 to 8.

“Zendrukobia,” a prequel, is about a world lost in time and space where everyone is kind—that is, with the exception of a would-be witch named Maltricia. She wanted to learn magic and not be so kind. The world of Zendrukobia had a protector named Misto, who observed Maltricia and its citizens. Find out what happens when Maltricia tries to change the king and queen’s baby, Mindelmo.

Mindelmo learns what it means to be a prince in “Zencorinda,” a sequel. The young prince discovers what his new duties are and how to be a good king. The question, though, is if this is Mindelmo’s destiny.

To find out more information about Rhone-Kubarek’s books and how to purchase them, view and buy her dazzling prints and more, visit To contact Rhone-Kubarek, email [email protected].

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