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T.L. Wynne

Jun 26, 2023 06:00AM ● By Lenora Kruk-Mullanaphy

Author T.L. Wynne is the prolific writer of a collection of culturally-diverse children’s books geared to relationship building and individuality for the early stages of life. He also proudly bears the title of father and the many roles that brings with it. To him, a father equals “a protector, provider, teacher, leader, confidant and friend—someone who can teach right from wrong and love unconditionally.”

Wynne, the author, focuses on eradicating the negative misconceptions society has on young African American fathers and their relationships with their children by illustrating a father as a positive role model. He believes all children deserve to be represented in stories they read.

Being the single father of a girl, Wynne encountered many obstacles along the way, he says on the website Dear, Father. He said many were the misconceptions that society has when the father is the custodial parent.

“Your time is the most important thing as a parent, so spend it wisely,” says Wynne. “Make memories, laugh often and, most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just be the best version of you, and the rest will work itself out.”

With Father’s Day approaching on June 19, what better gift to give that special guy than “The Daddy Daughter Series,” a collection of stories based on the positive relationship between a father and his young daughter. A set of three books, they tell of a little girl who can’t wait to spend the day with her dad. Fathers and daughters will enjoy sharing the stories, which contain rhymes and illustrations perfect for children between the ages of three to six. The set includes “Daddy and Me,” “Daddy’s Day at the Park” and “Daddy Daughter Day.”

“Culturally diverse children’s books are extremely important in the early stages of life,” Wynne told KidlioMag, a kid’s magazine. “This is the time when children begin to establish who they are. Seeing the excitement on a child’s face when they’re able to identify and relate to the characters in my story was my push to continue to write more children’s literature.” Wynne added that his characters are based on him and his daughter, and the activities they enjoy doing together.

Wynne is the executive director of the I Am Me Initiative (IAMI) Foundation, which he began in 2019. The 501 (c) nonprofit organization believes that every child deserves a well-rounded education to include music and the arts. Its mission is to promote music education by offering engaging and innovative creative and performing arts programs for children of all ages.

The IAMI Foundation’s website offers plenty of items to purchase for everyone, such as t-shirts and masks bearing the Foundation’s motto of Dream Educate Motivate Inspire, book gift collections, coloring books for “Daddy and Me,” “Daddy Daughter Day” and Daddy’s Day at the Park” and much more.

To find out more about T.L. Wynne, check out the full line of products for sale and learn more about the IAMI Foundation and how to donate and secure sponsorships, visit the website at

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