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Fredericksburg Christian School is Serving More Families Than Ever Before

Jun 19, 2023 06:00AM ● By Emily Freehling

This school is a valued partner for families seeking a Christ-centered approach to education


Since its founding in 1979, Fredericksburg Christian School has been guided by its mission to glorify God by educating with excellence. Today, FCS serves more than 1,000 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade from its campus in Spotsylvania County. Each year, more families are drawn to the school out of a desire for their children to be exposed to the same Christian values at school as they are at home. This month, FCS leaders answer questions about admissions, education and the overall culture at Fredericksburg Christian School.

Q: What distinguishes Fredericksburg Christian School within the Fredericksburg region?

FCS: We see ourselves as a Christian school that happens to be private. We are an accredited private school. Our teachers are all certified through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). They all have college educations, many with advanced degrees. But what really sets us apart is that we are a Christian school, and everything we do is rooted in helping students develop a strong biblical worldview. This foundation helps us cultivate a strong sense of community and loyalty that benefits the school overall. For example, we have very low staff turnover, because our teachers and other staff members truly feel called to be here doing this work. We have a very low level of student withdrawal. This is because we aren’t just delivering an education—we are helping students and families grow in Christ.

Q: Are you accepting admissions applications for the 2023-24 school year?

FCS:  Applications opened in October and came in quickly. Because of this, we have wait pools for many grades. If a family is interested in knowing if a spot is available in a particular grade, the best thing to do would be to check our social media or contact our admissions department. Families who are interested in an FCS education should keep in mind that we will open applications for the 2024-25 school year in October. So, if you are interested in making a change, or you have a child who will be entering school in that year, it’s important to act early. While we see our growth as a blessing from the Lord, we don’t want families to be discouraged by the wait pools or the fact that some of our grades are full. Finding the right educational home for your family is an important journey, and we encourage you to continue to pray, to seek information, and to have faith that God opens doors.

Q: Does the school plan to increase enrollment due to the high level of interest you are seeing?

FCS: It’s important for us to preserve the educational experience families have come to know us for. We are not able to simply open new classes because we are limited in space. We also keep classes small because we know that ensures that students get the very best academic and spiritual experience. While we want to serve as many families as possible, we do not pursue growth for the sake of numbers alone. We want to stay at a size that allows us to continue the relationship-building that ensures that our families want to come back, and that they are promoting us within the community. Our families really are our best advocates—they are a big part of the reason we have seen so much interest in recent years.

Q: What distinguishes the FCS academic experience?

FCS: It is a strong, rigorous academic environment where students are challenged and supported. The focus is to ensure that our students are prepared for each grade, and for when they transition from here into secondary education. Ninety-eight percent of our students graduate from high school and attend college—the other 2% usually choose a gap year and then transition into college or go into a trade, choose to serve in the military or join a family business. Academics are very important here for our students.

Q: What’s the key takeaway you’d want families to remember when considering FCS as an educational home?

FCS: Families need to know that here, you are not applying to a private school—you are applying to a Christian school. The Bible is not just taught as a class but interwoven into our curriculum and our school culture. Here, we have a partnership with parents. Every parent here is making some form of sacrifice for their students to be here, and the foundation, the “why”, is that the experience here is centered in Jesus. We truly believe that at FCS we are educating Christian leaders for life.

Fredericksburg Christian School is an evangelical, non-denominational school dedicated to a strong academic program with Christian character. Visit to learn about the school’s programs.

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