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Interview with Kerrin Muller of Muller Design

Apr 19, 2023 05:00AM ● By Rhiannon Ellis

Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply looking to revamp your current one, utilizing the services of an interior designer might be just what you need to create the home of your HGTV dreams. Interior designers are not only experts in spatial awareness and visualization—abilities many of us lack—, they also bring with them a fresh set of eyes that will evaluate your space without attachment to the items filling it.

We spoke with Kerrin Muller of Muller Design to get the inside scoop on what’s hot in children’s bedrooms, how parents can freshen up their kids’ space without a total overhaul, and about designer services available to those on a budget .

FP: Hi, Kerrin! Can you tell us why parents should consider using an interior designer to assist with their nursery, children’s bedroom or playroom?

KM: Foremost, interior designers specialize in presenting ideas, which can aid in getting the family, or child, on board with the proposed look and feel of the new space. That’s often half the battle.

Designers have the advantage of constantly seeing new design trends and products. Interior designers can also simplify the entire process of planning, selecting and purchasing everything required to complete a space, which can help the process go more smoothly.

FP: We’re curious—can you share with us some exciting trends for kids’ rooms in 2023?

KM: Some of the current trends and requests I have seen have to do with finding ways to limit screen time, keep kids creative, mix patterns and colors, and create calmer atmospheres. Another current trend I’ve seen is vintage-inspired kids interiors.

Regardless of trends, I think it’s always important to consider the child’s individuality above all. It is important to recognize from a parental level if their space should be higher energy or calmer. Just because they ask for bright orange doesn't mean you should paint their wall that! You can always incorporate their request in a softer way, and allow the room to be calming.

FP: How can parents make some simple adjustments to the current look of their kids’ rooms to freshen things up without a complete redo?

KM: There are ways to freshen things up without a full overhaul. This could be adjusted with color, light or depth of color, pattern, rugs, art and so much more.

But how do you get to the point of selecting things once you decide to refresh? You can either springboard off of something they absolutely love and want to incorporate, or, my favorite:

Ask your child how they want their room to FEEL! Then help them find those words and work toward solutions to get them closer to that feeling.

For instance, maybe they like the idea of a fairytale, a forest, a beach, or a mystery novel. Consider ways to help them get that feeling. Show them images of spaces that evoke that feeling. Use Google or Pinterest or whatever you have access to. Then, ask them about details in those images. You’ll learn a lot about their current tastes!

I have recently been working with a client’s preteen. She asked for every color under the sun, polka dots, stripes, ruffles and sea creatures! But when asked how she wanted the room to FEEL, she said, “like a fuzzy rainbow.” Great! I can do that!

FP: Some people might think hiring an interior designer is only for the wealthy. What are some services you provide for the average budget?

KM: Many of our clients just want a simple consult meeting of a few hours to get them started, just for concept plans to help them DIY the rest. Many of our clients are full service, which is much more time consuming (hence, larger budgets). The time-intensive part of completing these rooms includes extensive shopping, selections, coordinating purchases, monitoring shipping and final placement. But to save on design time, it’s often wise to consult a designer to bounce ideas off of them, or hire them for a concept or to get initial ideas for the general look and feel of the space. Without a doubt, this allows you to move in a clear direction.

Muller Design is located in Fredericksburg and services both residential and commercial clients. If you’re interested in learning more about Muller Design or would like to schedule a consultation, visit their website at

Happy designing!

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