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Top 10 Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities

Apr 18, 2023 05:00AM ● By Stephanie Sabin



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Teach your children what it means to be a good steward of the world. Celebrate Earth Day every April 22 and help instill good habits for being a citizen here on the planet.

1. Create a bug hotel. Talk about pollinators and why we need bugs. Creepy, crawly insects and bugs provide so much to the world and need love too!

2. Purchase an herb or vegetable and plant it where you and your children can watch it grow to harvest. This helps teach us where our food comes from and to be mindful of what the planet provides.

3. Crafting is always fun so make birdseed ornaments! Then, hang them around your yard and wait for the birds to enjoy! Have your kids count the number of birds or try to determine which birds live in your neighborhood.

4. Teach and learn about recycling. Children of all ages can understand the importance of reduced waste.

5. Play a game of Earth Day Bingo! Printable cards and directions make this an easy and exciting activity.

6. Go camp in your own backyard. Point out the stars, look for planets and take in the sounds of the night.

7. Practice conserving energy. Be mindful of electricity and water usage. Simple things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth can save on waste and resources.

8. Discuss litter. Explain why littering is bad for the environment. As you are out on a walk, collect trash and dispose of it properly.

9. Buy a plain canvas reusable bag and decorate it! Make reusing items personal and meaningful. For ideas visit: My Journey to Green.

10. Head to a park and enjoy the pure and simple beauty of nature. Take a walk down a path and look at the things around you. Try to identify the plants and trees you pass.

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