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The Real New Year Begins

Mar 02, 2023 08:23AM ● By Chris Jones

For most of my adult life, I've never understood why New Year's Day fell in January when all of the newness happens in March. To me, having the start of a brand-new year should be at the same time as the weather begins to change for the better, when trees bud and flowers bloom and birds rise with songs on their hearts. It only makes sense!

And think about it, when do you typically feel your absolute cheeriest and best, January or March? (So, who wants to sign my petition?)

I find spring newness a time when people regain their motivation and commit to getting back on track with resolutions and goals. For some, like stay-at-home mothers, it can be finding some ways to make a few bucks to squirrel away for summer vacations or extra fun. In "15 Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Moms" (p. 22), you'll learn about some nicely paying gigs you can do at home or in the community while your babies sleep or your little ones go to school or preschool.

Speaking of sleeping babies, another new joy, in "5 Teething Tips to Comfort Your Baby—and You!" (p. 27) we share a few solid ideas to help you soothe those teething babies who find little comfort in the pressure of new teeth.

Lastly, March is colorectal cancer awareness month and our friends at Mary Washington Healthcare have some important advice for men (p. 12).

I hope you enjoy this issue and cheers to the start of a new season!

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