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Top 10 Elf on the Shelf Pranks Kids Will Love

Dec 06, 2022 05:00AM ● By Stephanie Sabin


Elf on the Shelf has become a fun, family holiday tradition in many households. Need inspiration for some new pranks? Try some of these magical ideas!

Stuck in the Blinds. Try this cute idea to welcome your Elf back into your home. Stick Elf into the blinds with a little poem to let the family know Elf is back in town!

Baking Elves. Have your Elf hanging out in the (open and off!) oven on a baking sheet surrounded by cookie cutters, baking utensils, and a sprinkle of flour. Make a chef’s hat out of paper. Use what you have in your pantry to create a fun scene!

Ziplining Elf! Have your Elf use a candy cane to “zipline” across a string you’ve put up! Maybe your Elf is ziplining down your hallway or through your living room. Kids will have fun trying to spot the Elf!

Elf Tea Party. Use your kid’s toys and your household mugs to create a mock tea party for your Elf and friends to participate in. You can set out treats and add flowers too! Just be sure to leave a seat open for your little one to join in!

Elf Shoe Train. Line up everyone’s shoes into a train and have your Elf be the conductor!

Toy War! The toys have decided to wage a war against the Christmas Elf! Create a scene using your kid’s toys, dolls or matchbox cars surrounding your Elf or use painter tape and “capture” Elf to a wall.

Balloon fun! Kids of all ages love balloons, so why not use them to create a little Elf mischief? You can hang them, tie them to the Christmas tree or just leave them bouncing down a hall. Stage your Elf to hold a balloon among the chaos!

Clowning Around! Have your Elf make clowns out of the family using a family portrait. Using either a red pom-pom or a red erase marker, add clown noses to the glass of a framed family photo and pose your Elf nearby.

Wrapping Disasters! Use some old or leftover wrapping paper and wrap something crazy. Couch cushions, kitchen cabinets, or some favorite toys. Stick some bows to the paper and on your Elf too! Feeling extra creative? Maybe your Ef got themselves all caught up in paper or tape!

Bath time! Fill a sink with cotton balls, to resemble bubbles, and let Elf take a bath. Cut a mini sponge and tiny towel for Elf to use when done!

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