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Top 10 Fun Ways to Make S’mores

Oct 11, 2022 10:43AM ● By Stephanie Sabin




Cold weather has us cozying up to the fire with hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows for s'mores. If you can’t sit around a fire or if you are just craving a tasty snack here are ten new ways for conjuring up that gooey classic! These ten s’more-inspired goodies will have you screaming for s’more!

  1. S’mores Grazing Board
Grazing boards of all kinds have become the rage! How about creating a s’mores board and letting everyone build their own? The variety and appeal are endless. Start with the basic marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars. Add fun new additions like honey, peanut butter, and sugar cookies. How about fresh strawberries or crisp apple slices?

  1. S’mores Pop
This recipe is easy and fun for the whole family! Just skewer marshmallows, dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in graham cracker crumble!

  1. Mini S’mores
Similar to a smores pop, this recipe calls for marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two graham crackers dipped in melted chocolate. Can be made ahead or devoured on the spot! 202

  1. S’mores Popcorn
Who doesn’t love to snack on popcorn during family movie night? Jazz it up and turn it into a smores-inspired treat.

  1. Skillet S’mores
When a large gathering or party requires you to bring a treat, why not bring this skillet of goodness to share? Guest can dip graham crackers or cookies into melted chocolate topped with toasted marshmallows and nuts! Yummy!

  1. S’mores Brownies
Top brownies with marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, and peanuts to turn the classic chocolate brownie into a s’mores delight!

  1. S’mores Rice Krispie Treats
Another spin on a classic treat! Mix up the standard Rice Krispie recipe and share them with classmates and coworkers—or keep the whole pan for yourself!


  1. S’mores Milkshake
Turn that warm morsel into a delicious cold milkshake that you can enjoy thru a straw on a hot day!

  1. S’mores Cake
Looking for a more adventurous take on a regular chocolate cake? Why not make a s’more cake? Layers of marshmallows, graham crackers and ganache create a decadent and stunning dessert!

  1. Tricked Out S’mores
Since we love the classic s’more, how about sticking to the basics with one or two scrumptious additions? Slather some peanut butter on the graham cracker for a Reese’s-inspired s’more. How about a slice of banana for a twist? Replace the plain chocolate bar with a toffee bar or a smear Nutella. The possibilities are practically endless!

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