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Lil Solar’s Book of Superpowers

May 31, 2022 06:00AM ● By Lenora Kruk-Mullanaphy

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? This journey will require only the price of a book— “Lil Solar’s Book of Superpowers” by Kinja Dixon. You’ll meet Lil Solar, also known as the solar system and begin an excursion to discover your own superpowers.

Young adult readers will be introduced to “mini-adults” from each of Earth’s seven continents to see how they engage and connect with the timeless presence of our solar system. The author says the more you can understand life through other people’s eyes, the brighter your vision will be.

The book also explores how humans and the solar system work in similar ways.


Just Right

While humans have major organs working together to do hundreds of automatic functions that make each person a miracle in motion, the solar system also has a design, and all the pieces are exactly where they should be. Just think—if the sun was a little further from the earth than where it is now, the whole planet would freeze over!


Beneath the Surface

Like humans,  the solar system is comprised of trillions of moving parts. Humans contain cells, molecules and atoms, while the solar system is made up of stars, planets, moons, asteroids and galaxies.


Constant Motion

In a human, there’s activity inside, such as a beating heart and digestion. Everything in the solar system is constantly orbiting around the Milky Way. Neither is ever completely still.


Active Expansion

The solar system and humans both have the desire to expand and grow all the time. Humans expand and grow over a period of decades, the solar system has spent billions of years expanding, so there’s much more to learn about it.


About the Author

Dixon’s career wasn’t always geared toward young adults. Having retired from a training, speaking and advising career—one that involved adults—he received an invitation that would change his career path and life. He was asked to speak to students at Hines Middle School in Newport News, Virginia, after a teacher had read Dixon’s first book, “Universal Talk Laws.” The invitation made him apprehensive because he’d never been in front of so many young adults at once. After having a constructive conversation with 60 students, the visit turned into return invitations.

From there, Dixon spoke to students at more than 100 elementary, middle and high schools throughout the nation. He made the observation that adults and children are looking for the same thing. Each human absorbs the information from their environment and works the best they can to get closer to their definition of happiness.

Nature and the mysteries of the solar system have had a big impact on Dixon’s personal development.

“I’ve noticed that, as I’ve detached more from the elements that were manifested through human intelligence, I’ve been able to soak so much up from the elements that were here way before humans existed,” he said on the book’s website. “The plants, flowers, stars, planets and many other miracles of life have so many lessons to teach us if we’re open to receive.”

Dixon said the journey with Lil Solar that readers will embark upon is just one of the many gifts that has been channeled through his stronger connection with something we’re all equally part of—the universe.

For more information and to purchase “Lil Solar’s Book of Superpowers,” visit

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