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Top 10 Fun (and Funny!) Holiday Board Games for Families in 2021

Dec 07, 2021 06:00AM ● By Chris Jones


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Board games during the holiday season are a tradition as old as time. But, long gone are the days of playing family endless hours of Monopoly, Scattergories with stick-figure artists, or Connect Four (pretty sneaky, sis!).

Today’s board games are a little snarkier, quite a bit funnier, and interactive (get your cell phones ready). Here are 10 board games you can play with your kids over the holidays that won’t leave them drawing blanks or bankrupt.


Really Karen?

Become a Karen as you see something and say something at every turn to the detriment of your fellow players. You’ll argue your way around town visiting shops, fighting with employees, and collecting Manager tokens. Things not going your way? Ask to speak to a manager. Don't like your roll? Stomp your feet and refuse to move! | Get it

Phone Phever Board Game

This fun, fast-paced board game is compatible with all smartphones (devises not included) and requires no app to get started. You’ll answer fascinating trivia questions and complete hilarious challenges in this game designed for the smartphone addict in you! Six trivia categories include television, music, film, politics, history, tech, and more! | Get it

Doodle Face Game

Meet your new favorite drawing game that’s sure to be a hit for the adults, teens, and kids in your household. The game includes drawing pads, pens, face cards, and theme cards for a creative twist! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Picasso to have fun with this hilarious drawing game. | Get it


Beat That!

Play over 160 wacky challenges like throwing a paper ball in the bin from across the room, battle royales, buddy ups, and duels. Players win by betting on their ability to complete a series of ridiculous dexterity-based challenges. | Get It


The classic game of "What am I?" is now back with all-new cards, headbands, and art. It’s as easy as Pick, Place, Play! Pick your favorite headband (6 new themes to choose from!) and take a picture card without looking at the face of the card. Put the headband on and place the card in the headband so the illustration is facing all players. Then, play by asking questions with “yes” and “no” answers as you try to guess what’s on your card! It’s a race against the clock to be the first player to get three scoring badges to win. | Get it


It’s in The Bag!

Dubbed ‘Charades on Steroids’ this fun, family game will remind you of Pictionary! Just flip the timer, start sketching and wait for your team to guess for points. 1st Round: Describe the word. 2nd Round: Describe the word using only one word. 3rd Round: Act out the Word! | Get it


Fool your friends by making up clever, fake answers to fun trivia such as "__________ is the national bird of Spain.” "__________ is illegal to have on your porch in Arizona." "The average American drinks 300 ounces of __________ each month." Be careful—while it’s fun to bluff, the answers will leave you in stitches. | Get it


Grounded for Life

This game could get you grounded for life, kids! Just kidding. The goal is to pair the funniest red card with the blue card to make the funniest possible sentence each round. The funniest combo wins a point, and the person with the most cards at the end wins. | Get it


Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition

Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition is the best-selling, funny, mouthguard party game! Teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors, attempt to read and speak out phrases from four unique card decks: classic, rhyme time, pop culture, and head-to-head. Sure to be a hit at your next game night! | Get it

Found It (Indoor Edition)

Found it! This is a fun, family indoor scavenger hunt game all kids can play and enjoy. Using prompts like Can you find. “Something with a pattern? Something smaller than your palm?” etc.! Once players find it, they must shout "FOUND IT!" as soon as they get their hands on the object! The first one to win seven cards wins the game! | Get it
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