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Top 10 Books & Workbooks for Fun Summer Learning

May 25, 2021 06:00AM ● By Chris Jones

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If you’re like most parents, you want to balance your child’s summer with fun and education by letting their imaginations run wild while keeping their minds sharp. This month’s Top 10 Tuesday looks at the best books & workbooks for fun summer learning for kids of all ages and grade levels

Carson Delosa Workbooks

These workbooks—rated No. 1 by teachers—feature fun and engaging activities that help kids grow their learning throughout the summer months for just 15 minutes a day.
  1. Carson Delosa Summer Bridge Workbooks/Grades 1-8 | Get it
  2. Carson Delossa Complete Workbooks/Grades Prek-4 | Get it

Not Your Usual Workbooks

The Not Your Usual Workbook series uses outside-the-box teaching tools that are fun,  different, and challenging. Each workbook is chock full of puzzles, brain teasers, and other creative ways to stretch your child's brain as they learn.
  1. Not Your Usual Workbooks/Grades K-3 | Get It                          

Disney Magical Adventure Workbooks

Make learning fun for you kids as they learn and engage with their favorite Disney character from Mickey and the clubhouse gang to Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story crew.
  1. Disney Magical Adventure Workbooks/Grades K-9 | Get It

Complete Curriculum Success

These all-encompassing workbooks help children learn and master math, English, science, and more using concepts they can grasp and full-color illustrations that keep them engaged
  1. Complete Curriculum Success Workbooks/Grade 1-6 | Get It 
  2. Complete Math Success Workbooks/Grades 1-6 | Get It
  3. Success with Math/Grades K-6 | Get It

Scholastic Success Series

Help reinforce and improve your child’s English, grammar, reading, and comprehension skills using these age-appropriate workbooks, which include a complete answer key for self-checking. 
  1. Success with Grammar/Grades K-6 | Get It 


This workbook will help your kids learn to master the basics of cursive writing and cursive master penmanship.
  1. Cursive Writing | Get It 

Bar Charts Quick Study Books

These laminated, easy-to-read reference graphics and information-based visuals help your child to understand previously learned concepts quickly and easily in a well-organized manner. Great to use as a study reference throughout the school year and to prepare for tests. 
  1. Bar Charts Quick Study Books/Grades 8-College (All core subjects) | Get Them    

BONUS: Bob Books

A must-have for young readers, Bob books teach youngsters every concept of reading from word and shape associations and simple words to complex words, rhyming words, and complete stories. 

Bob Books/Grades 3-12 | Get Them


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