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Taking The Steps to Bloom Where You are Planted

Oct 25, 2020 12:10PM ● By Lauren Malloy

By: Lauren Malloy


Buried or Planted?

The goal of a garden is to produce beauty, bounty and harvest.  The process to get there is messy and at times not so beautiful. We know what the goal is, but if you are like me and don't have a "green thumb" it can seem like a daunting task just get started. It seems ironic that I have deemed my self "Lauren in Bloom" across all my social media personas but cant keep a plant alive- it is, and I am ok with that.

What I think is so special about the process of planting something  is that you can not move a plant or garden until it has bloomed. For example, once a flower has bloomed, you can pick it, cut it to enjoy inside or to gift to someone. Until it does this though, you can't move it from it's planted place. It has to stay there to grow- in that one spot buried in dirt.

I have felt this on a deep level this year especially, and moving to Fredericksburg on the cusp of the pandemic, based on the promise of a new career for my husband. I left behind all I built in personal relationships and business/ career only to have the pandemic cause him to loose the job and essentially leave us feeling buried.  Not one to stay down for long I worked through the panic and pain to help myself deal.

Blooming where you are planted to me means, doing what you can with what you have and doing it with faith that it will produce fruit.

I have a few steps that will help your process to blooming in whatever your purpose is a little easier. Use them in whatever order you desire and stay on each step as long as you need. It's your garden, so tend to it as you see fit:
  1. Have Patience- Be gentle with yourself. It may take a little longer and the route may be unfamiliar but be kind in your words and thoughts to yourself and those around you.
  2. Stop Comparing- "Comparison is the thief of joy" its an old saying that still rings true.  It may be good for you to log off the social media platforms for a while and take up journaling or reading, anything that helps you focus on your purpose and goals.
  3. Keep a Pace - Do one thing that will help you grow each day.  Even just cleaning out your email inbox can make you feel accomplished and organized.
  4. Stay Positive- Everything from cooking my favorite food (even if its just for me) , living room dance parties with the kids and writing out answered prays and putting them up on the wall in my bedroom has helped my stay positive and hopeful.
  5. Celebrate Small Wins- when we are planting we get excited for the tiniest bud that starts to show up from under ground. Do the same with the small wins in your life. Celebrate your wins in the season- there will be more to enjoy as you keep blooming.
These steps have helped me through the hard and trying moments of my journey to bloom. Blooming where I am with hopefulness that the seeds I am planting in a season of feeling buried will produce the harvest I am working for. I hope they help your blooming  journey too.


Lauren - Blooming in the 'Burg 

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