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Virtual Learning Tips

Aug 04, 2020 03:33PM ● By Fred Parent Contributor

With COVID-19 still looming, it’s wise to make sure area families are prepared in case schools implement a virtual model during the school year. Below are tips to help you transition your child in the event schools do.

Create a Daily Routine

Maintain your child’s standard school year routine of getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and starting school at the same time each day. This will help them to stay scheduled and disciplined when at home. Be sure to set aside time in afternoon for them to study or read, similarly as they would if they had homework.

Create a “Classroom”

Whether a desk in a spare bedroom or the dining room table, having your child report each day to the same space to do virtual schooling helps create the habit and muscle memory your child needs to be successful at learning from home.

Be Flexible with Breaks

Allow your kids to take necessary breaks from the screen. Learning online is different from learning in a classroom setting. Since they are looking at screens, eyes tend to fatigue much more quickly. Allow them to stand, stretch, move around, play and decompress every 20-30 minutes.

Have Clear Guidelines

Home is comfortable. The temptation to surf the web, grab a snack or play with siblings or pets is real. Make sure your child knows what’s expected each day. Reward focus and help set up parameters against excessive distractions

cc: Me

Let’s face it, some of our kids will try dodge doing or completing online assignments. If your child has an arrangement to email their assignments, make sure that they copy you in the email. Let your child know that school isn’t finished until you’ve seen proof of competed work.

Encourage Initiative

Teachers are there to help. Remind your child that if they don’t understand an assignment, they should email their teacher for help (and cc:me!).

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