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Top 10 Burnout Busters for Parents

Jul 28, 2020 09:01AM ● By Fredericksburg Parent Staff

Times are challenging and parents are feeling the stress! It is quite easy to get overwhelmed, burnout and just numb. How do we foster resiliency within ourselves to take care of our families? Here’s this month’s Top 10 Tuesday – Burnout Busters.

1.Hire or swap with friends for neighbors for childcare. Seriously—this is worth the investment, even if you just hire a sitter to stare at the wall and have a moment of peace and quiet.
2.Ask your employer for a flexible work schedule if you are facing child care issues. Child care and homeschooling issues can be demanding and time consuming. An open dialog with your employer about a flex schedule, alternate shift or telework can help relieve the stress.
3.Set priorities for your day. Determine what is important for the day and focus on that. The rest can wait.

4.Get outside. Take a “breath of fresh air.”

5.Exercise. We all know the benefits so take 30 minutes to work your body a day.
6.Laugh. Watch a comedy sketch or listen to a funny podcast.
7.Visit friends. Get-togethers can be socially distanced, especially during the summer.
8.Do a meditation or morning prayer. Mental clarity is wonderful to bring “peace of mind.”
9.Take a vacation. Whether it is a daycation, staycation, or vacation — get away and recharge.
10.Set aside time for “me-time.” Read a book, take a nap, do a hobby – whatever it takes to get some time for yourself.
11.Have fun! Life is short. Get silly with kids and relax. It is hard to be the adult all…the…time.

If you are having depression, anxiety, or other mental health, then we encourage you to consult with a health care professional. Stay well parents.

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