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Top Ten Spring Break Family Staycation Ideas

Feb 25, 2019 09:11PM ● By Fredericksburg Parent Staff

We will be the first to tell you that sometimes staying at home is exactly the kind of break your family needs. We will also be the first to tell you that you don't need to plan a trip to make your child's spring break feel special. In fact, more than half of the Fred Parent team will be working over spring break. Here are a few fun ways we're making it memorable for the family. After all, it's the sweet little moments we cherish the most. And thanks to Dupee Plumbing for sponsoring this post!

Ten Spring Break Family Staycation Ideas


1) Enroll your kids in a Spring Break Camp! - There are plenty to choose from in our area, from full day to half day. Check out our Spring Break Camp calendar for all the details. There's just about something for everyone!

2) Go to Carl’s, Wally’s, Moo-Thru or another beloved ice cream place. - Let’s face it: Spring break is the prelude to summer and summer means... ice cream! Swing by after picking the kids up from daycare/ camp and treat everyone to ice cream for dinner. It’s those little things that leave lasting memories.

3) Take a day trip over the weekend. - Just because you’re working all week doesn’t men you can’t get way for a bit and have a mini- adventure. Check out this list for family day-trips in the area.

4) Have a game night. - Card games are great for a mid-week game night. They tend to be more flexible time-wise and are easy to clean up. We do looooove a good board game though! We suggest “Race to the Treasure” for the 5 and under set, “Headbands” for older kiddos, and “Ticket To Ride” for teens and tweens.

5) Plan your summer bucket list. - Dream big! Like we previously mentioned, spring break is the prelude to summer. Embrace it and start your bucket list.

6) Start a spring break book club. - There are some really great Young Adult options at Central Rappahannock Regional Library that can easily be devoured in a week. Head over a weekend or two before spring break and see what titles your librarian suggests. Give yourselves all week to finish. Go somewhere fun on Saturday or Sunday to discuss the book, and maybe treat yourselves to coffee/ cupcakes, too.

7) Go to the movies. - Paragon has $6 movies on Tuesdays and new reclining seats! Spring break is also a prime opportunity to try out Regal Cinemas’ IMAX theater or recliners.

8) Let the kids dye their hair - A fun, inexpensive way to shake things up and make memories. Bonus points if you dye your hair, too.

9) Make tie dye shirts - We’re on a roll! While you’re dying your hair you might as well dye some shirts, bandanas, and more.

10) Cook each kid their favorite dinner - Your favorite meal is like a great big hug! If they’re old enough, invite them to learn how to make their special dinner. You will be surprised what kids are capable of in the kitchen, and how willing they are to learn. Bonding in the kitchen is a beautiful thing!

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