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Ask the Expert - Fredericksburg Area Builders Association

Sep 30, 2018 09:14PM ● By Fredericksburg Parent Staff

The Fredericksburg Area Builders Association’s (FABA) Parade of Homes is back! This is a once-a-year opportunity to meet local builders, tour the latest style of homes being built, and get answers to your home building/remodeling questions straight from the source. It’s also a fabulous way to spend a fall afternoon with friends!

Longtime readers might remember FABA’s Chrissy Urian and Scott Hine, from last year’s interview. We’re thrilled to announce they’re back this year to answer even more of our questions and fill us in on the latest Parade of Homes happenings.

What exactly is FABA? FABA is our local trade association for builders and those associated with the new home construction industry. It stands for Fredericksburg Area Builders Association.

Can any contractor/home builder join FABA? Absolutely! It’s not just limited to contractors. We have a large number of “associate” members such as supply retailers, lenders, insurance companies, etc. who are affiliated with the building industry in various ways.

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What are some advantages to building a home versus buying an older home? One of the advantages is that you get what you want, how you want it, and where you want it. The consumer has many more options to consider when building. They can focus on the items that are most important to them and not have to pay for the options they don’t want or need. Also, while it is true that even new items (like appliances) can occasionally be defective, it’s rare that someone who builds a new home will have to pay for expensive repairs in the first few years. Most new homes are covered by extensive warranties.

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How do I find a contractor? FABA is a great place to start! There are over 70 builder members in the organization right now, and that number is growing.

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What questions should I ask a potential contractor? There are a lot of good questions depending on whether you’re looking to build a new home or take on a remodel project. Nothing replaces walking through some of their communities, homes or projects to see them first-hand and talk to other customers about their experience. Ask for some references and they should be able to produce them.

I also suggest asking to see their contractor’s license. This may not solidify them as the right contractor for you per se, but it absolutely provides some legitimacy to their qualifications not only to do the work, but also to run a business. One sign to look out for regarding unlicensed contractors is if they ask [you] to apply for the permit. If they ask this, dig deeper.

There are variables in new construction or remodeling that can affect completion time or the accuracy of a budget. This actually is true of almost any building project. Be sure to ask the contractor you’re interviewing what things they foresee that could possibly go wrong. Both the contractor and customer should be able to communicate their concerns to each other. Regular and open communication make any project much more enjoyable.

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What is Parade of Homes? The Parade of Homes is the showcase event of the year for the builders in the association to demonstrate their product to the local community. This year, over 30 homes of various sizes and price points will be on display in the greater Fredericksburg area. They will all be open to the public free of charge during the first two weekends in October.

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If I am curious about new homes and would like to build, but don’t plan on building in 2019, should I still attend? Absolutely! The sooner a potential homeowner plans, the more prepared and comfortable they will be with the decisions they make. Because of the volume of homes on display, there is no better time of year to start researching and gathering ideas.

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How can I find out more about FABA, local builders and The Parade of Homes? There are four primary ways to gather information about the event. First, stop by the FABA office on Lafayette Boulevard to get information. Second, visit the Parade of Homes website at Third, like and follow the FABA Facebook page for constant updates. Finally, be on the lookout for one of our full-color magazines hitting distribution racks and locations about 3 to 4 weeks prior to the event!

Want to hear more? Learn about the latest in area new homes during our Facebook Live interview with FABA! Watch our social media for details.

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