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Pom Pom Easter Bunnies

Feb 28, 2018 06:33PM ● By Fredericksburg Parent Staff

by Devon Rider

When I visited my sister and her kids Arizona, we had a blast putting these little Pom Pom Easter Bunnies together. Each one took on the creative touches of her girls’ personalities— Amelie is in sixth grade, Ruby is in fourth and Lola is in kindergarten. Each girl was able to do this fun craft with little to no assistance as I showed them how to put their bunnies together. I hope you and your child enjoy this festive Easter craft as much as my nieces and I did!


You will want to gather your supplies and cut out your feet and ear patterns before you call the kids to the craft table. Set everything out at each child’s place and give them a dollop of glue to dip into. Here is what you will need for each bunny:

3-inch pom pom 2-inch pom pom 1 small pom pom for the tail 1 tiny pom pom for the nose

Eyes: wiggly, button style, or bead. We used glitter dot stickers, but anything goes! Super tacky craft glue or glue dots Felt: Pink felt (for 2 inner ear pieces) and white felt (for 2 outer ear pieces and 4 paws) Note: One sheet of each color should be enough for at least 10 bunnies. Our patterns are small. Ear and paw patterns Scissors to cut paper and felt Optional: blush construction paper for a carrot, or other accessories, ribbon for a bow, etc.


Now for the fun! 1. Glue the pink inner ear to the white outer ear.

2. Glue the 2-inch pom to the 3-inch pom to connect the head to the body. I recommend opening up the “fur” of the big pom and nestling the head pom into it with a dime-size dollop of glue. Press together and hold for a few seconds.


3. Dip the nose into your glue and wiggle into place on the face “fur.”

4. Glue the ears in place.


5. Stick the eyes onto the face.


6. Situate the “fur” on the body pom to allow your bunny to sit how you prefer and glue the paws in place.

7. Add a tail and you’re done! 8. We used a little bit of blush on a paintbrush to swirl on some rosy cheeks.


As you can see, my nieces had fun putting their personal style into these little cuties. I hope you and your loves have a great time creating and playing together! Hoppy Easter!


Sample pattern for the ears and paws. You can create your own or use this one.


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