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10 Tips to On Campus Safety

Aug 31, 2010 06:01AM ● By Fredericksburg Parent Staff

Master Lock offers these top 10 tips to help college students become defensive rather than a victim of theft; the number one crime on college campuses.

1. Keep backpacks and other valuables within line of vision at all times; whether in the classroom, library, dorm, or cafeteria.

2. Engrave valuables or permanently mark with first initial and last name. Permanently marked items are difficult to pawn, easier to recognize as stolen, and easier to identify and reclaim.

3. Keep personal information private. Limit information on valuables, front door, mailbox, key chain, etc. Do not share complete address or name on items and NEVER put social security number on items for identification.

4. Keep money safe. Responsibly use a debit or credit card and carry less cash. Cash cannot be replaced but most credit cards hold cardholders liable for only the first $50. Store money and other small valuables in locked fire box or safe of durable steel.

5. Lock personal items in lockers with a high security padlock whenever possible.

6. Safeguard bikes. Always lock up bikes regardless of the length of time left unattended.

7. Always lock doors and windows. Whether in a room/apartment or away, ALWAYS lock doors and windows to prevent unwanted entry. Invest in a door and window security bar to prevent forced intrusion.

8. Travel safely by bus, train, or air. Locks are imperative for keeping belongings secure the entire route. TSA-accepted locking devices will not be cut by airport screeners.

9. Insure valuables. Check with homeowners insurance regarding coverage on/off campus. Consult with an insurance agent to determine additional coverage.

10. Be aware and prepared...not scared. College campuses are not completely un-safe. Be aware of surroundings. Walk with confidence and pay attention.

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