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Accelerated Teaching for Every Student!

Advanced Concepts for a Better Future will bring high quality education in a new and innovative method that can be applied in elementary school classrooms through Accelerated Teaching.

“Let’s work together for a better future! Our education system can change for the better, but this can only happen once we ourselves commit to such a change. We can fight for our schools by providing high quality education for every student. Accelerated Teaching is a long-term solution that will build happy, engaged and unique learners that are ready to face the future,” said Amie Canter, developer of the program. “Teachers will have the opportunity to hit the ‘refresh’ button on their classroom each year. Accelerated Teaching will not only build a new generation of students, it will also allow a new class of teachers to pave the way to the future while ensuring that all students have access to high quality education.”

Canter said that while we shouldn’t take away the much needed funding from our public schools, we can turn public education around by creating institutions of educational excellence. Through Advanced Concepts and Accelerated Teacher Trainings, she believes that all teachers will be prepared to build their own Accelerated Classrooms.

“Teachers will be excited about teaching, students will be thrilled about learning, and parents will not only feel secure in their child’s education, they will become active participants in the support of Accelerated Learning,” said Canter.

In an excerpt from, “Real Life Teaching for Real Life Students,” published by the London International Conference on Education, Canter wrote:

Amie students“A classroom that has less behavioral challenges tends to come from an environment that is upbeat, engaging, and lessons are based on student interest. If we look at it from a student’s perspective, you can easily understand why. Think about it for a minute, would you want to be trapped in a classroom all day, every day, and do the same mundane tasks? The answer is simple, you wouldn’t. Then why would we suppress our students to such a regiment? We can come together as educators and put a stop to the current trends in education. Students should be allowed to have fun while learning new things. When students are having fun, they aren’t going to act out or disrupt the class because they want the learning to continue! In addition to delivering lessons that are fun, animated, and student centered, teachers should always have positive incentives in place. We as adults work hard to get rewarded. Students should get rewarded when they work hard, too. Giving students positive feedback always produces much better results than constant negative feedback. Keep your behavioral management geared toward lifting students up, not bring them down. Think about how you react when you get criticized. Even as mature adults it can be hard to swallow. Now look it at from a child’s perspective, it’s even harder for them to suppress urges to react negatively. Overall, if you develop a happy, student centered classroom, you won’t only see happy students, but you will be one happy teacher.”

In additional three published white papers, Canter has released, “Advanced Concepts for a Better Future: A Guide to Building an Accelerated Classroom” on

“This guide contains the best components of my white papers which discuss the critical concerns of teachers today. It also contains everything I wish I had been told when starting out as a teacher. Everything seemed so complicated and confusing when I was a first year teacher. Everyone was giving me their opinions and advice, which was helpful sometimes but often left me more confused than before. My guide is simple and easy to read. It will make any teacher (new or seasoned) feel prepared and equipped to be the best teacher possible while providing them with an understanding of the value of Accelerated Teaching,” said Canter.

Along with being an author presenter at the University of Cambridge this December, Canter will be hosting free Accelerated Teacher Trainings this summer. These trainings are open to all teachers that register on her website The best part is, teachers can choose which one to attend!

“Accelerated Teacher Trainings will re-ignite your passion for teaching and guide you on how to build your own Accelerated Classroom,” said Canter.

The community has been very generous in their support of Canter’s movement for a positive change in education. Over 20 sponsors will be providing breakfast, lunch and prizes for participants. The VDOE Coordinator of Professional Development has also approved for participants to receive a professional development certificate to reflect four hours of training.

You can follow Canter on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, or to learn more. She currently teaches upper elementary and is the School Academic Coordinator for The Merit School of Stafford, which serves as the home base for Advanced Concepts for a Better Future and Accelerated Teaching

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