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FREDERICKSBURG – Three Fredericksburg residents with a passion for yoga have opened a dedicated yoga studio in downtown Fredericksburg on Caroline Street, in a newly renovated space behind the Jabberwocky bookstore.

The founders of Dragonfly Yoga Studio – a teacher, an attorney and a yoga instructor -- hope the studio will become a gathering spot for people of all ages and fitness levels who seek the mind-body benefits of yoga.

The studio aims to carve out a niche by offering a blend of trendy, classic and fun classes --and by developing a nonprofit arm that can serve people who might not otherwise take part in yoga.

“My vision for Dragonfly was born from living in communities where yoga centers exist in downtown spaces as a means for encouraging community members to embrace healthy lifestyles,” said Kit McFarland, a teacher and yoga enthusiast who lives downtown.

McFarland said she fell in love with the concept of a downtown yoga studio when she lived in Boulder, Colo., a city with a reputation for cultivating active lifestyles. McFarland started talking with Dragonfly partners Stacey Strentz McLaughlin and Steve Watkins about creating a studio in Fredericksburg where yoga students of all kinds would feel welcome.

Dragonfly’s class list should appeal to people looking for everything from a tough workout to a gentle stretch. Dragonfly will offer Happy Hour Yoga for those looking to unwind on Friday evenings and an array of restorative and athletic classes throughout the week. A hot yoga room is under construction and will be open later this month.

In addition to offering classes, Dragonfly intends to establish itself as a meaningful community resource, in part by serving as a meeting spot for groups such as the Insight Meditation Community of Fredericksburg.

And McLaughlin, an attorney with a downtown practice, is working to launch a nonprofit arm of Dragonfly that would offer yoga to people with special needs or obstacles to attending classes – such as incarcerated teens, wounded veterans and people with chronic illnesses.

Dragonfly will be especially family-oriented, offering family yoga classes on Tuesday evenings and teen yoga classes on Thursday evenings. “As someone attempting to model a healthy lifestyle to my own children, the studio will be family-friendly,” McFarland said.

McLaughlin said she hopes parents will embrace yoga as a stress-relief tool. As a family law attorney, she said she sees on a daily basis how stress afflicts families.

“I know the benefits that yoga has had in my own family,” McLaughlin said. “I hope this studio will bring stress relief to a broader range of families.”

Longtime Fredericksburg yoga teacher Steve Watkins, who until recently taught at Avery Ballet and the YMCA on Butler Road, will teach many of the studio’s classes, including family yoga, gentle yoga and the athletic Ashtanga form of yoga. Watkins – a former University of Mary Washington professor -- has recruited a multitude of other teachers to lead classes in hot, restorative, intermediate and other classes.

While the Dragonfly studio was designed with aesthetics in mind, the founders’ focus is on substance over style. McFarland said she wants Dragonfly to enhance the lives of Fredericksburg residents through “yoga classes, community service and authentic relationships.”

Yoga promotes a sense of peace and strength. And health experts know that people are more inclined to make smart choices for themselves if they surround themselves with others who lead healthful lives. McFarland, McLaughlin and Watkins hope Dragonfly can foster a healthy community for people who want to tap into yoga’s power to transform lives.

A Grand Opening Party for the yoga studio will be held on November 13 from 5:00pm-8:00pm. The celebration will include a Second Skin trunk show of Lululemon, Lucy, Prana and other activewear brands, food from Wildtree catering and beverages from Liz Creative Juices. Celebrants will get to meet the studio partners and instructors, as well as win giveaways of water bottles, yoga mats, and free classes every half hour

The studio at 810 Caroline Street has begun holding yoga classes for $10 each. The hot yoga room is expected to officially open on December 1, 2013. To see the class schedule and learn more about Dragonfly, visit, call the studio at 540/372-9600 or contact the founders:

  • Kit McFarland:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Stacy Strentz McLaughlin:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Steve Watkins: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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