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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


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Ok, so maybe not literally bears... but allow me to explain. I thought for this week I’d reminisce a little bit. About what, you ask? Well...my son. You see his birthday is the day after Christmas. I know what you’re thinking, that that’s rough having a birthday close to Christmas...and you’re right. We try to separate it a bit, by having his party in the beginning of December. So far it seems to work. And really, it’s kind of magical and special having a birthday during the holidays. There are a lot of festivities, lights, decorations.... and in Owen’s case... there’s a little bit more to the cheer. I wrote about this in a post last year, find that here. It’s a post dedicated to my very special guy. I hope you give it a read, it's one of my favorite posts.  

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This year Owen is turning eight! We had his party a few weeks ago and it was a blast. I have always thrown my kids' parties here at home...usually making the majority of decorations and games myself. That's what my mom did for my siblings and I growing up...and here I am doing the same. Funny how that works. My favorite theme was a few years ago when he wanted a Pokemon birthday, followed closely by his Mario Bros party.  While planning his Pokemon Birthday,  I came up with the idea to do a scavenger hunt type of game, where the kids would have to search the house and find all the Pokemon that were hiding. Once they found, or "captured" all of the Pokemon, they got a prize. It turned out to be, not only the easiest thing to create, but the most fun. I have continued that game every year, for both him and my daughter, but with different themes. This year for Owen, we did Ninjas. And those Ninjas were hidden very well...it took the kids a good 45 minutes to find them all. Winning!


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 Even with separating his birthday party from Christmas, I still wonder if he will eventually feel overshadowed a bit.  Sometimes, people will question me if it was intentional or if we regret having him so close to Christmas. I wish I could point each and everyone of them to my blog post about our journey to have Owen. Because to me, there is no better time for us to have had him...he is a miracle, and Christmas is about just that.  

Miracles...joy...hope...love..faith...the gift of life.  


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So with all that said, what pray tell do I mean by bears? LOL. Well, to be honest, I was going to relate it to this teddy bear fleece coat that I got as an early christmas gift from Nordstrom. I talked about it in my Christmas Wish list post, here.  Why?

 IMG 4163

Simply because it's warm and cuddly. And that, my friends, is something that I wish for you at the holidays. Whether that means that you are wrapped in warmth from a coat, a blanket or a hug... or wrapped in warmth from the love of friends and family...or even all of the above. I wish for all of you whatever joy that makes your heart full. For me... it's remembering that Christmas eight years ago when we finally had our little bear (we used to call him Owen Bear when he was a baby) and the warmth and love that both of my kids have brought into our home.  

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