Organizing Through Life

Just six months ago I decided to make some serious changes in my personal and business life.

  • I needed to find ways to save time (so that I wasn't feeling constantly stressed out).
  • I needed to feel better - I was feeling sluggish and my energy was low

Change is HardSo here are the steps that changed it all for me!

1. I was spending way too much time and energy trying to remember everything. To Do Lists are great - however, they require maintenance and I was finding myself looking at them all the time! What had I forgotten to put on my list? My list also included things that I really didn't need to do today. Deadlines were in place but I didn't need to "see" everything on my list of To Do "Now".  I have written before about the three categories of your To Do List....Have To Do - Want To Do - Need To Do...and how prioritizing your list helps make a decision about what to do and when to do it.

So, I found a CRM that I started using - and it is FREE! Hubspot was the answer to all of my reminders, To Do List and (this is the best part) I can enter all of my client information, email clients right from Hubspot and send them documents too! I even downloaded Sidekick which shows me when emails have been opened and when emails arrive (without me having me email opened!). This took care of the issues of saving time!


Next - I needed to feel better. I am considered either a young grandmom or an old mom...either way - energy, self-esteem and attitude matter when you are 54 years old and have a 7 year old in the house! I was going to the gym and lifting weights with my husband and walking on the treadmill - but I wasn't seeing results. I found myself doing what my husband wanted to do (because it was great quality time together), but it wasn't working for me. I needed a focus, accountability and structure to see results.

So...I joined a FitBody Boot Camp in our home town. What a difference! I don't run, jog or walk on a treadmill. I don't ride a bike and I don't sit on machines lifting weights (and hoping that I am doing the right thing). Instead I spend just 30 minutes working on the key areas of:  getting stronger, gaining stamina, losing inches and yes...losing weight (slowly). I started going 3 times a week (consistently on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). And I kept that up for the first 4 months - then, about 6 weeks ago I decided to increase my workouts to 5 days a week.

To tell you the secret, I really miss it if I don't go. I'm now addicted to this  30 minute work out every week day and I am seeing results - slow results but definite results.


And lastly, the family time needed to increase. I found it amazing that once I put my priorities in order and found a way to save myself time, I found more family time (without even trying).

We did make a few little changes to the household. I plan meals on a weekly basis and even though they aren't "prepped", I know what we are having for dinner every night. It is pulled out to defrost in the morning, ready to cook when I get home (and I'm following some very simple and easy - and healthy recipes) so we are usually finished with dinner by 5:30 pm! This is huge for my family. The general population in our area are not even home by 5:30 pm and are thinking about which drive-thru restaurant they will go to tonight.


You don't have to make huge changes to experience results. The key is to keep your changes consistent so that you see your results. Getting organized is like a diet, it requires a routine, the creation of habits and (most of all) consistency.

The changes that I put into place over the last six months have changed me both personally and professionally. In just six short months your Life can Change too!

Are you ready for a change? Need help with accountability? Give me a call and let's talk about how you can make simple changes to affect your life.

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