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I think I was born with the Love Language - Acts of Service .

Growing up, I always saw what my mom did for my dad. I had originally thought that she did it all because that was what "wives do". I now know that all of the small things she did, from keeping the house clean to having dinner on the table every night and paying the bills were her Acts of Service Love Language. You see, my dad worked hard. He was a dairy farmer who was at work at 4:00 am and (most of the time) didn't finish his day until 6:00 pm - 7 days a week. And, as long as he appreciated everything that she did for him, her love tank stayed full.

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Since I had grown up this way, I also just assumed that this is what wives do for their husbands (I didn't know about this whole Love Language thing until recently).

I enjoy doing things for my husband and he really has enjoyed doing things for me. But here is my admission. After 3 decades of marriage I think we can all lose sight of the difference between Acts of Service and "expectations." This may be why I am hearing of so many marriages taking a nose dive after 25+ years together.

I went through a period where Acts of Service were really not an option for my husband. He took 2 years to recover from an accident. So all of the Acts of Service fell on my shoulder, everything was put on me (whether I wanted them to or not). This included driving him to doctor's appointments, arranging his medications, setting up appointments with the nurses to come to the house, changing bandages, and all of the household duties. The only real Love Language that he could provide to me were  Words of Affirmation.

Again, what does this have to do with Staying Organized? Well....a lot of the Acts of Service that your spouse, children (and anyone else that you want to put into this category) can do for you will help you stay organized, stay on top of what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis and also ease your stress. It is the little things that matter the most. Together a family can accomplish much more in a much less time period. And this gives you time to enjoy yet another Love Language - the Gift of Quality Time.

We all hear the term "Paying it Forward". You are in line at Starbucks and the person in front of you in the drive-thru has paid for your coffee. What??? You don't know who that person is - and you can't thank them for their kindness. Think of Acts of Service just as Paying it Forward. You can make your spouse/child/co-worker's day just by doing one little Act of Service (unselfishly of course). **No Acts of Service can be done with expectations of rewards.  They must be done because your heart knows that it is the right thing to do.

This week I challenge you to offer Acts of Service to those around you. I'm willing to bet that you will receive Words of Affirmation in return - and that will make your day! Need help trying to figure out how you can provide Acts of Service? Click here for some great ideas.

Share your Acts of Service here. Love expressed by actions.You put thought, time, energy and effort into deciding what would please your loved one the most.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct

****The picture used in this blog is not intended to irritate husbands!

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