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Have you ever thought about what makes you really, really happy? In Dr. Gary Chapman's book "The 5 Love Languages - The Secret to Love That Lasts" he talks about how to fill your love tank - and the love tank of your spouse or significant other.

What does this have to do with organizing? Well...I say it has everything to do with organizing.

I have been married for 33 years so my husband and I have been through just about every stage of "love" that you can image. There was the honeymoon stage; the toddler, middle school and 3 teenagers at one time stage; the "adult children who still need our help" stage; just over a year of empty nester (woohoo!); then welcome to grandparenthood (oops...I mean becoming parents again stage); the medical care-giver stage (because of my husband's accident) and we have now just started the "parent care-giver" stage and (something I haven't even thought I would do), the sister care-giver stage. Marriage is an ever-changing event and we have to learn to grow together as a couple.

Oh...and I forgot about the military stage- your husband will be deployed so you are now a single mom stage - for about 6 months or so.

It has been a lot! I won't lie to you - sometimes I wonder how I have gotten through it all. Sometimes I'm just exhausted thinking about it. And I know that it is love that has gotten me through it all. But again, what does this have to do with organizing?

Again, I say love has everything to do with organizing.

When you are able to identify your love language and your husband's love language, you are able to communicate how you can support each other to stay organized. You won't feel like you have to do it all yourself and you will be able to create a space that you can organize (and maintain).

My husband and 5 Love LanguagesI each bought our own copy of Dr. Chapman's book. He finished it weeks before me - he has a little more time on his hands. It has made more of an impact on our marriage than anything (or anyone) else has in over 30 years.

What I know is that I really would get pissed off that I would be doing laundry, writing blogs, taking care of our little girl, fixing dinner and an entire list of other "duties" while he sat in front of the tv with his eyes closed. (And this is after a full day of working with a client helping them organize their home). Of course, he wasn't "sleeping". I would walk by, see him sitting in his chair and just get more and more upset. And it really didn't seem to bother him that I was non-stop busy - he couldn't see (or chose not to see) how upset he was making me. And, I really needed (and wanted) his help. But, if I said anything I would be nagging.

So for the latter half of the month of Febuary I'm going to be writing, encouraging and blogging about Love Languages. Dr. Chapman has written many books on the topic - there is a Love Language for the Military, Children, Couples, Singles, Teenagers and even Love Language for Men.

In just a few short weeks The 5 Love Languages has changed my relationship with my husband. I have more time to spend with him because he is spending time in my primary Love Language - Gifts of Service. I so enjoy his help!

I hope to encourage you and your family this month to continue to transform your space and create the life you deserve through the discovery of Love Language this month. Because together you can do more and save time.

Stay tuned - lots more February love coming your way!

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct


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