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Most of you who have read my blogs or visited my website know that I'm pretty transparent. I have experienced a lot of the same "stuff" that you have experienced, especially when it comes to family.


Within the last 6 months I have been given the awesome opportunity to become the POA (Power of Attorney) for my parents and my sister– alongwith raising a granddaughter. Yea me!!  (You can read my hoarding articles on our website..this is my sister).

No, I’m not complaining or bragging – special or supernatural! I’m real, just like you. I’m a mom, grandmom, wife, business owner (wearing most of the business hats), homemaker and a mentor to an adult son. I’m real!

As we all are, I’m doing the best that I can…every day! I want to enjoy my life and create memories vs. being stressed out. As part of my 2016 goals I signed up for and attended a full-day conference last week (designed to help me focus on my business growth for 2016). I drove 5 hours to north New Jersey to meet with other entrepreneurs who are also working on their business plans.

And, if you are like me, you know that everything happens for a reason.

I was fortunate to sit with two ladies who confirmed what I have thought (and been experiencing).

It was not a coincidence that I sat next to a financial planner (who focused on generational money management) and an entrepreneur who focused on providing a unique support system for families to develop a long-term health care strategy for families.

Both ladies confirmed something very important for me! As a baby-boomer myself, many are in my position (but without support) to help them through the process of handling and caring for their parents.


Over the last year I have been working with and assisting more people my own age who have elderly parents. My generation is particularly worried about what to do with their parents' clutter. We are already stressed out and maxed out taking care of our own stuff. Our time is limited. We are busy with work, school, church, volunteer opportunities, sports, house and spouse. We don’t have time to take care of our parents' stuff too!

Dealing with our parents clutter is stressful and can tear apart our own family structure. This is Not acceptable!

As the daughter of parents in their 80’s, I get it! I’m very fortunate that my parents have no clutter…literally they don’t have anything that would qualify as clutter that I will have to deal with when they are no longer here on this earth.

If you are struggling with the worries about your parents' clutter you are not alone. Sometimes the hardest thing about dealing with your parents' clutter is that they are your parents! They don’t want you to know “everything” or share “anything” with you. You are also (or can be) emotionally attached to your parent’s items. This can make it difficult for you to even suggest that they eliminate some of their clutter. And you definitely don’t want their clutter to become your clutter and just move it into your home.


Look at it this way…if you don’t deal with your parent’s clutter now, you will be dealing with it later – and it will be even harder then because you could also be going through the grieving process.

If I have hit a nerve or made you stop to think about this at all, give us a call. Because it is a new year, I am offering a discount of 20% for all services that are held in the first quarter of this year – valid until March 31, 2016.

Our new contact us page is on the website @ and I’m happy to talk to you and schedule a free consultation to talk about your parents' needs…or your needs too!


Linda Clevenger

Don’t Agonize – Get Organized

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