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KettlerGrymes Memorial School was host to "Kettler" a Broad-winged Hawk - [Buteo platypterus] and his trainer, Environmental Educator Quinn Robinson, from The Wildlife Center of Virginia on Thursday, April 22nd in the "Birds of Prey" Assembly. "Kettler" came to the Wildlife Center as a nestling in August 1988 after falling from her nest in Salem, Virginia and suffering a broken right wing. She was found at the base of her nest tree and taken to Salem Animal Control, which transferred her to the Wildlife Center for treatment. Due to the severity of her injuries, she never regained full use of her right wing and was left unable to fly. Looking on in the background, (first row l to r) Cordelia Hogan, Zach Sisk, and Noah Brear, (2nd row) Jensen Taylor and Neevie Wood, (3rd row) 1st grade teacher, Lisa Warner and Sam Stelter.

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Meet Paula Bartello, the founder and director of Feed Fred.

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Why is awareness for helping the needy in our area important?

It could be you! A large percentage of the people we serve never thought that they would be in the situation they are in. happens and situations change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes not. One person's predicament comes to mind as I answer this question, but I hear these stories all of the time and KNOW that it could happen to any of us any time.