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In a tight economy, we all do what we can to conserve funds and make our dollars stretch as far as we possibly can. It can be a challenge. It can also be fun! There are lots of new ways for us to get the exact coupons that we want and need. We are no longer limited to the Wednesday and Sunday newspapers and what they offer each week.

Of course, living off of the American economy is not nearly as difficult as living off of the economy for our military members who are stationed overseas. Living outside the U.S. comes with a long list of hardships. Just the language barrier and customs can be stressful.

One way that the Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg assists our servicemen and servicewomen overseas is through the Coupon Program. Our overseas military bases allow its Troops, Sailors, Marines, Airmen (and women) to use expired coupons in the Commissary (this is the military grocery store). They can use coupons that are up to 60 days past the expiration date.

As recommended by the military, the Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg adopted the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. Every month our Corresponding Secretary reports the dollar amount of coupons that has been collected and sent to the base. So far, in 2013 we have sent $1,605.95 in coupons to our military families in Japan.
It is great to hear the stories from the members of Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg who have been stationed overseas with their husbands and how much they appreciated being able to have extra coupons available to purchase their groceries. It meant so much just knowing that they came from "home".

Will our military member families be able to extreme coupon with the amount of coupons that are sent every month? Probably not. They are, however, very grateful for all of us here, back in the States, who think enough of them to take the time and energy to cut out every coupon, sort them all into categories and pay to ship them off every month.

Can you help? Absolutely! If you use coupons and have extras, let us know. We would be happy to accept your coupons and increase the dollar amount that we provide to our troops every month. And, if you really, really like to coupon...we can always use assistance in the cutting, sorting and packaging of the coupons.

If you would like more information about how you can get involved with assisting our military service members, feel free to connect with us on Facebook. We can be found at 

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