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Written by Sandra from Baby Talk Moms


You've read the reviews, you've made the comparisons, but do you really have the best diaper pail on the market? With my firstborn, we decided on the Diaper Dekor since it had the best reviews at the time. With my second, we decided to invest in a different diaper pail, the Diaper Genie II Elite. They both serve the same purpose, yet are so different! After evaluating pros and cons for each, I concluded that I have a strong preference for one over the other. Here's what I've found:
Diaper Dekor Plus:
The Diaper Dekor Plus ($40) is compact and fits anywhere a small trash can would. You have to purchase special bags for it, but I didn’t go through them very quickly because the diaper pail has a large capacity! But when Elena started eating solids, I decided that this wasn’t necessarily a good thing — the odor was not masked by the scented bags and we ended up moving the diaper pail from Elena’s bedroom to her bathroom. Every time we opened that door, we could smell it. Then we started changing the bags more often, but the stench still permeated through the diaper pail. We found other alternatives, like active carbon (discussed in a previous post here). One major flaw with the Diaper Dekor is the bags you need to use — they are so complicated replace! As a new mom, the last thing you want to do is have to re-read instructions every time you have to replace the bag refill, but that’s exactly what I had to do! Overall, I thought the Diaper Dekor did its job, I liked that it was a hands-free step system, and a bonus is that you can purchase biodegradable refills. Each refill is supposed to hold up to 335 diapers and cost about $12. But I really didn’t like how the Diaper Dekor did not mask the diaper odor well and how difficult the bag refills were to replace.
Diaper Genie II Elite:
I was hesitant to purchase a Diaper Genie because I heard they were not very easy to use. However, when I found out that they had redesigned their previous models with this new “Elite” model ($35), I decided to try it out. The size and shape is very different from the Dekor; it is much taller. It fit in the same spot as the Dekor, but it really stood out because it’s almost as tall as the bathroom sink. The added height is intentional; it’s supposed to be an ergonomic design that doesn’t require you to bend down. The Genie II Elite has a double-locked pail design that goes up when you step on the foot pedal. It sounds complicated, but basically, the design creates a barrier between you and the diapers that are already in the pail, so you don’t smell the odor. The bag refills are very easy to install and there doesn't seem to be a wrong way to install them (as I usually would with the Dekor). The Genie II Elite doesn’t have the capacity to hold as many diapers as the Dekor, but as I mentioned, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I felt that with the Dekor, I would allow the diaper pail to fill up and that would often create a stronger odor, with the Genie II Elite, it never gets to that point. However, this also means that I have to empty it more often, but I’m okay with that. Each bag refill holds up to 180 diapers and they cost about $6 each.
The Winner!


Both diaper pails are comparable in price and the costs of the refill bags are also comparable. They are both hands-free and they are both good options, but if I were to choose between the two, it would definitely be the Diaper Genie II Elite. I really feel like I have found a great product! The bathroom no longer smells and that’s what was most important for me. The Dekor is also great, but I just think that diaper pails in general should be changed more regularly and the large capacity of the Dekor allows a very tired new parent to let it sit and wait. They do offer a smaller version, but it doesn't seem very practical and as I said before, even when we started changing the bag more frequently, it didn't minimize the odor. I think the Dekor is better suited for parents of twins and for newborns (who go through 20 diapers a day). But for the long-term — when babies start eating solids and their diapers start getting really smelly — I say go for the Diaper Genie II Elite.

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